Saturday, March 23, 2013

Six Shooters, Dynamite, and Cigars (character interlude)

Western Character Creation example for the Genre Tree...

Was as easy as rolling on the random Boot Hill Character Background table. Rolling an Eighty Eight I came up with "Artist". Utilizing Charlie at The Semi-Retired Gamer's USR Character Sheets I quickly wrote up Henry Shaw from St. Louis, MO.

When I mean quickly, I created this character in under three minutes.

First I assigned his Attributes. The d10 was assigned to Ego. If you are going to be a successful artist you better have attitude, and confidence. Especially if you will find yourself out in the American West circa 1866. Wits I assign the d8, and Action gets d6. Rolling for hits he gets lucky with a total of 9.

For his three Specialisms I decide on Whitlin' (Wits +2), Knife Fightin' (Action +2), and Talkin' Shit (Ego +2). No rhyme or reason, but it seems I have now defined this characters medium in the visual arts.

Filling in the characters starting gear helps me finish off this 1st level character to my satisfaction. These items being a set of carving knives to sculpt figurines, a traveling pack designed to carry tools. An illustrated book of North American ducks, and rain gear declare my character creation process done! I should have no problem integrating this character concept into the group and the genre which we have all decided on for this new Western campaign.