Saturday, July 18, 2015

I don't care about no stinking hard drive crash

So yeah my desktop crashed, and all the files scribbles, memos texts downloads pics I've harvested since I found you all her in the OSR is gone. All the story threads, rewritten adventures campaign material for current and never to be played games vaporised. And I don't give a shit. Unlike every other aspect of my life where the data, the material needed is stored and handled electronically RPG's I make or purchase I have to make manifest in some printed or bound copy.

I may not have all the material I've accumulated on my hardrive because if it didn't seem relevant at the time why print it out? If a game situation makes sense for said slumbering material I'd just print out the pdf out on my printer lick-edy split. So yeah, it isn't all there.

But I have three ring binders bulging out my bookshelves of the game material I would love to run or am currently running. Once again this OSR DIY push, this open free range field of awesomeness which you all throw around for pennies, if not for free, lets me just try and run a good game after work without sweating the small stuff.

I did have to buy a new printer a couple of months ago. The laser jet from my previous business finally gave up the ghost after numerous print odd page range flip print even page range all nighters. Not ashamed to say alot of that toner burn was spent on old D&D modules but I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing the point. The point being that my hasty scribblings backed by awesome content/blog/osr posters will give me more game material on a daily basis than I can shake a dead, mummified finger at.

And the best stuff has been hand skinned and drying in my book racks. Hats off to you all gents.

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