Saturday, September 26, 2015

Taikang City, word on the street

While the PC's have only been in Taikang City for a short while, crew members have noticed the following about this large, old city:

  • A bureaucrat caste sits astride a teeming underclass of tradesman, merchants, laborers and slaves. Pretty much the same as every city you have been in so far in the world of Xoth.
  • From the magnificent houses of the Butterfly Palace shrouded servants tend to the city's spiritual leader who issues confusing edicts for the city's poor to follow. 
  • Mercenary warrior clans serve at the will of the city's treasury. 
  • Some tea shops sell lotus, all lotus dens sell tea and rice wine.
  • The inane chatter of members of the various philosophical societies fill up the air of most tea shops and lotus dens.
  • Tea shop can also be a euphemism for an assassin's poison workshop.
  • Large cockroaches the size of chickens have been seen being herded through the city streets at night.
  • Inns are very expensive, and have set dinner times with inscrutable prayers and gestures mumbled throughout the meal.
  • The local guard favors 9' pole arms.
  • The fishing is poor in the harbor, but clams seem plentiful on the tidal flats south of the city.
  • The Harbor Master dropped off a voluminous pile of scrolls stamped in ornate insignia.

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