Saturday, February 4, 2017

BRP versus Savage Worlds Combat, a look at Minions

Someone  by the online handle of "pansophy" created a short pdf file offering rules for managing minions in your Basic Roleplaying Game. I downloaded and saved this file, looks like June of 2012, for future use.

While putting these rules in action depends on the genre being played, what I truly enjoyed about the article was the comparison of BRP combat mechanics to Savage Worlds. I was taking a look at as many different game systems in 2012 because I was just getting back into gaming. I was dead set on making sure my campaigns were going to have the "right" system for the game. By right I mean I didn't want the rules to get in the way of having a great time at the table and restricting unfettered imagination during campaign creation/prep.

I post the link above for anyone similarly on the fence and doing system research into the difference between BRP and Savage World combat mechanics.

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