Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Anthro USR NPC's

Here are the stats I've used for the NPC's the players have come across so far in our "side" campaign game;

A8 W6 E6 H5 S. Group Tactics +2A.
Combat Armor +3DR, Auto Pistol(ROF3).

Special Agent Scott Roger Scott
A8 W6 E6 H6 S. Fire Arms +2A, Investigation +2W.
Combat Armor +3DR, Auto Pistol(ROF3).

Capitol City Cop
A6 W6 E6 H6
Auto Pistol(ROF3), Handcuffs, Radio.

Willow Paiva
A6 W8 E8 H4 S. Candle Making +1A, City Knowledge+1W.
Backpack, 1/8 Weed.

Ava Gabrielle, MD(Animal)
A6 W8 E6 H6 S. Big Animal Vet +2W.

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