Friday, November 17, 2017

The PC's Current "Party"

For my own reference here is a list of the characters which make up the Player Character's group in our Clockwork & Cthulhu campaign. The nominally secret (C)(l)ockwork (U)nderground (B)ureau's list of agents includes;

Zeal-for-the-Lord Harrison, Scoutmaster General NMA-Norfolk, and a major NPC.
Dr. Thomas Norton, NMA Physician, PC.
Ralph Norton, NMA Conscript, PC.
Guillio, NMA Mercenary, PC, and
Craigh, NMA Mercenary, PC (KIA) and replacement currently being rolled up!

The rest of the party consists of the NMA soldiers assigned to Zeal's company when they set out for Yarmouth. Here is the roster of the current living and combat capable NPC's;

Sergeant Francis Sherfield,
Will Drum,
William Frank,
Henry Worth,
Joseph South,
Jan Burkhunt,
Richard Van,
Tobias Bear,
Chris Deere,
Edmund Crew,
Jan Southworth,
Cuthbert Cobb,
Nicholas Tellman,
John Fanshaw,
Joseph Crooke,
Samuel Crooke,
Tom Shaw.

This is the roster of casualties since the company left Norwich;

James Bartlett (Wounded)
Sergeant Anthony May (KIA)
Randall Moelant (KIA)
Mathew Pedlar (KIA)
Roger Kely (KIA)
Thomas Williamson (KIA)
Roger Howard (KIA)
Chris Cox (KIA)

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