Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Anthropomorphic USR POD, Almost

Nothing more exciting than a mail call with your latest POD game book!

My proof of Anthropomorphic USR arrived and while it has some graphic errors which need to be fixed I am pleased with Vanishing Tower Press' third POD title. 

This is a revamped version of my old PDF file with a rewrite of the healing rules. I also improved the layout for the introductory adventure "The Terror of Central". All in all Anthro USR contains character creation rules specific for playing talking superpowered animals, super cool equipment rules, simple vehicle combat mechanics, Game Keeper campaign notepad and custom character sheet. Did I also say it comes with an intro adventure!

I even went for color printing. There is not a lot of full color art but the splashes of colored graphics in the pages makes it a more enjoyable rule book overall. 

It is in an A5 size format, the same as Wormskin. I want to increase the inside "gutter" as well so you don't have to bend at the spine so much. The column text just ends up being too close to the center and detracts from the overall look. Hopefully I will be able to do this without reformatting the entire freaking document. The formatting issues with some of the graphics should be easy to fix. It does point out I need to check all these embedded files before I order my proof. Not having a properly format graphic kicks back a general public release like another two weeks, sad.

It will be up for sale on Drive Thru for $5.99 and this price includes the PDF too. The PDF is currently available if you can't wait. It doesn't have the graphic fails. But I find having hard copies of DIY game books one of the coolest things to happen in role playing games since their inception so the best bargain is to wait to order when the POD becomes available. 

Here is a photo giving an example of image fixes I need to make.

The most egregious flaw is in the adventure. I have a two page color spread with the stats for Mindless Clones and Security Robots. The center spread image came out, but the boxed stats of the NPC's is blacked out. Not cool. Once again, the PDF doesn't have these flaws if you want to start playing today!

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