Monday, May 7, 2018

State of the Press!

Vanishing Tower Press has finally put the POD copy of Anthropomorphic USR to bed. This new file cleans up some typos, fixes the graphic images which didn’t print and adds tables at the back. I also added Character Advancement and Experience Point rules to the game. This is a 5” x 9” formatted book and packs a lot of game in a small package.

The big news for me, as well as the Press, is I completed my certification exams last week and no longer have to study for real life corporate stuff. More money in my pocket and more time on my hands, hellz yes!

The commissioned work for Deluxe USR Sword & Sorcery is starting to trickle in and I am excited about this game book. Original art and original content are going to make this beast shine! I have in hand completed mass combat rules and they will get their debut play test at the North Texas Gaming Convention. There are only three seats left in one of the games I will be running so if you want to get your savage sword of mass battle on sign up now!

The Big Black Book of Sorcery is being taken up again. This is going to be an amazing piece of Heavy Metal Sword & Sorcery which will make another gruesome POD edition to the USR S&S line.

Somewhere in all this Fear & Loathing in Fat City and Broke Down in Bug Town will get completed. My intent is to have my editor sort out the existing rules for Fear & Loathing USR and Western USR then bolt on these two introductory adventures. All this will be combined into one POD book of awesome sex and guns for the discriminating table top rpg’er.

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