Friday, January 25, 2019

Vanishing Tower Press by the numbers

I started selling products at the DM's Guild in the spring of 2016 with the Classic Modules Today Conversion Guides. Here is a screen shot of the money put in my pocket after OBS's commission.

June of that year I released my own game USR Sword & Sorcery utilizing Trollish Delver's USR game mechanics. Over the last two years I've added additional titles, PDF's, some POD of these games and here is what the numbers look like for my non-licensed properties.

Obviously brand name products with a D&D label slapped on them completely outperforms my own creations and this should come as no surprise. And my game books aren't all that great. Amateur productions where each one is a learning experience leading to the next design/presentation of POD game stuff. I'm surprised I've sold as many as I have.

With Deluxe USR Sword & Sorcery I'm taking a big step in making a better/interesting/playable/obsessive/love-for-the-genre game book which has got me looking at other print options than OBS. Should it be broken up into three separate booklets? One perfect-bound volume? Like starting a painting my books take shape as I work on them and radical insights have a tendency of leading my layout back to START OVER.  This means unknown completion dates. 

But being a DIY hobbiest I have the ability of being nimble. I'm only burning my time. The world keeps moving if I decide to rewrite wholesale and unlike a professional game company, I have unlimited pages, no budget needed until I want to add art that I otherwise can't produce. No matter how much more I want to add into the overall book be it art, text, or tables, I can. With unlimited word count there is no artificial shape the book has to be shoved into. For digital distribution an individual publisher can make hourly decisions and changes to the final product. With POD typos and errata can be fixed and a new print copy available within weeks. 

This year looks like it will be more of the same for the VTP. Pushing my experience with format while at the same time writing/re-writing content. 

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