Wednesday, July 1, 2020

What is Everyone's Blood Type ???

It could happen. You may need this information. For my own games, I can see future blood-transfusions being attempted and the aforementioned question arising. For a more "realistic" bit I googled the overall percentage of blood types world wide. This simple bit of information has been turned into a specialized table. So the next time your game's players are trying to save someone's life with a timely transfusion, why not make it more iffy, more fraught with peril than the situation already has become?

Image result for blood transfusion

Rank   Blood Type     World Pop.%  1d100  Flat % 1d4

1          O Positive       38.67               01-39               1

2          A Positive       27.42               40-69               2

3          B Positive        22.02               70-90               3

4          AB Positive     5.88                 91-00               4                                                                                              

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