Tuesday, April 28

How about a Random Unicorn Generator?

See the source image

There was a special request made recently by one of the denizens of The Vanishing Tower, and it was for a random unicorn generator.

A few flips through some category ideas and Presto! We have a Random Unicorn Generator!

- Enjoy

Friday, April 24

Desert Adventure Generator for Fear & Loathing USR

The rules for this nifty game are not currently available, but the creator of (U)nbelievably (S)imple (R)oleplaying game Scott Malthouse offers the basic USR rules for free to download. The game mechanics are, well, simple, so having an interesting adventure is more important than having an interesting rule book.

I've dusted off Fear & Loathing in Fat City, the game's first official adventure, now that I have InDesign. I find this professional piece of software far exceeds other design software out there and is the only way to go to make POD and PDF game products for sale.

There are several tables in the adventure which drive the action and I am posting them here. Please feel free to use and critique at your leisure...

Friday, April 17

USR Sword & Sorcery Reviewed on Drive Thru

This silver best seller of mine did go up in 2016, so, 1,631 copies later its first review now appears on DriveThru Rpg!

I will count this a win. Out of all the copies sold it appears it was not sooo dreadful it moved anyone to commit an online barrage of hate directed at the press.

Thursday, April 16

Two more automated Carcosa Generators

I've formatted two additional tables for the Carcosan campaign setting and have them now on the Carcosan page. It is kind of sloppy with the format of the actual description, but if you are neck-deep in a Carcosan campaign you will know what to make of it.

They are a Village Customs tab and a Random Encounter chart. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 12

Live Stream Death Frost Doom

Vanishing Tower Press has got live streaming back for its Rom'Myr Dying Earth OSR campaign. It will be launching through the YouTube channel this morning at 7:00am.
Good time to start watching. The PCs are in the shrine room of Death Frost Doom and it is time to plunge deep into the evil witch dwells there!

Monday, April 6

Designing an Ad for Deluxe USR Sword & Sorcery

Common refrain I hear from potential buyers of new game stuff, besides a smart question to ask, which I have tried to tackle with this ad is "What does it offer that I don't already have?" Game Masters and Crypt Keepers alike are skeptical of the latest dark brooding thing. And they have every right to be. I think the blurby, what's inside pitch I make is a decent one. Go ahead let me know what you think.