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Friday, April 3, 2015

RPG in the wilderness...

Up front, I wanted this blog to chronicle how I got a face to face rpg game going in Aspen, CO, and it hasn't happened yet. Mostly because I haven't tried hard enough. Also, like the way I ski, I'm picky. I want blue bird days with fresh pow pow and the less than twenty minute access to the best in bounds, patrolled, extreme skiing available on the planet.

Hangout games have been real plus to. I would have to give up my hangout game if I committed to a live game here in my neighborhood. I'm not ready to do that.

But gaming in the wilderness is still a compelling idea for me. I really got jazzed on the idea when I was on a wonderful fall vacation in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The AMC hut system is a real treat along this eastern mountain chain, and allows those who can pay hotel rates to grab bed and board along this northern section of the Appalachian Trail.

The heart and soul of a hut system is the army of young volunteers which work the hut during the winter and summer. Maintaining the individual huts and servicing the guests, these seasonal kids  are energetic boot campers having a unique wilderness experience which... well, probably another whole post in itself.

Point is, out of all the groups who have spent their time working and living out there, smoking cigs, drinking some wine round the fire, the croo has played games. Cribbage, chess, yahtzee, now Settlers of Catan I've seen played. What a great place to play some table top rpg's, no?

I've gone ahead and put together a quick and dirty Kickstarter project to gather the funds I think I need to distribute dirt cheap copies of Basic Fantasy Role Playing Game, including dice, to the huts.

If you think this is a good idea please kick down. If you think this idea is unmitigated garbage please let me know