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New from the Press, The Big Black Book of Sorcery in print! Head on over to LULU.COM to pick your copy of the latest hotness from our fabulous USR Sword & Sorcery game products. This brings the count of 3 for this fantasy game collection!
$16.66 @ The Black Book of Sorcery POD
$ 6.66  @ DriveThru The Black Book of Sorcery PDF

Print & Play Mass Battle for the Holidays!

The elves have had it. They have marshaled their forces and intend to overthrow their oppressor; Santa Claus! Santa will not tolerate a worker’s uprising. He has ordered his most fearsome creatures and toys to arms and will meet the elves on the field of battle.

These game rules are not designed to create balanced or unbalanced conflicts. They are hacked from my role-play mass battle system going into the Deluxe USR Sword & Sorcery RPG. This re-purposing of my experimental rules simulates a fantasy battle between Santa and his slaves, the Elves!

Released by Peryton Publishing and available as PDF.

What you get: 3 pages of rules, 1 page of tables and charts, and counter sheets. B/W P&P

OSR Adventures from Vanishing Tower Press!

A gasping faithful of the Grim Gauntlet, gripping bloodied mace in gashed hands, lies wounded in the forest. They have just crawled out from their failed mission within the “Hole”. A trio of fanged-mouthed humanoids killed their party before they escaped with their life. Robid has sworn to destroy this forgotten shrine of evil. Will the PCs help?

This 40 page adventure site pits your PCs against a well-organized tribe of troglodytes and alien slime. Should be an excellent OSR-scaled challenge for 2-6 level characters. Adult Content. Experienced Dungeon Masters and Game Referees only.

$7.99 POD @
$3.99 PDF (Black and White) @

Read the review, Bryce Lynch put it on the Regert page!

USR Rules-Lite games from Vanishing Tower Press:

USR Sword & Sorcery is classic pulp fantasy role playing inspired by the adventures of Red Sonja, Conan, Thongor, Grey Mouser, etc. No elves, dwarves or over-built characters.
USR Sword & Sorcery pits your human character against monstrous magic, horrid beasts, and devious villains with nothing but their wits and terribly swift sword.
This game is designed to leverage your existing setting books and rewards the Game Master with a firm vision of their Sword & sorcery world with simple rules which enforce and complement this adventurous genre!
USR Sword & Sorcery is a customized version of Trollish Delver's generic rule-lite system (U)nbelievably (S)imple (R)oleplaying. 
$2.95 PDF - 36 pages. 
Paypal address: jay@vanishingtowerpress.
$7.70 POD - 36 pages. Link takes you to the Drivethru RPG site for fulfillment.

POD VERSION NOW AVAILABLE! $7.70 - 36 pages.
This is a rules hack of Scott Malthouse’s Unbelievably Simple Roleplaying system. His basic text has been changed and modified from the USR rules as written by the author you will need to download his free set for the original, simple rules. This book is a complete game with enhanced combat rules than you will find in the generic rules.
USR and (U)nbelievably (S)imple (R)oleplaying are copyright Scott Malthouse and Trollish Delver Games.

Horrors Material & Magic Malignant is a USR Sword & Sorcery game supplement. Within its pages are numerous non player characters found in your traditional sword and sorcery world, a bestiary of animals and monsters as well as magic from all three schools of magic; Artifacts, Mesmerism, and Sorcery!

USR Sword & Sorcery is a rules lite fantasy roleplaying game and Horrors Material & Magic Malignant will help get your game going fast!

You will need a copy of the USR Sword & Sorcery rule book to use this game supplement.

USR Sword & Sorcery and Horrors Material & Magic Malignant are copyright Vanishing Tower Press.

(U)nbelievably (S)imple (R)oleplaying is copyright Scott Malthouse and Trollish Delver Games.
$3.95 PDF - 34 pages. 
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$7.70 POD - 34 pages. Link takes you to DrivethruRPG site for fulfillment.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Anthropomorphic USR is a nostalgic throwback to the 90's comics and cartoons which made all the protagonists transformed animals with incredible powers and human like qualities. This rules lite system includes character generation tables, super cool equipment rules, vehicle action rules, custom character sheet as well as introductory adventure all at an unbeatable price!

$2.95 PDF - 47 pages.
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Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu. - 47 pages. Link takes you to DrivethruRPG site for fulfillment.
Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.


  1. Where is Western USR? Trying to find it everywhere...

    1. I pulled it off sale because I was not happy with it. I plan on rereleasing it when I make a new version. Mostly presentation and an included adventure.


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