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Ye Olde English Female Random Name Generator

Renaissance by Cakebread & Walton Combat Tracker

USR 2.0 by Scott Malthouse

USR Sword & Sorcery Rules 3.01 found at RPGNow

Ben Ball's Random Sword & Sorcery Adventure Generator

d30 Carousing Results Table

Hereticwerks Space Age Sorcery PDF makes an excellent reference for creating your degenerate Sword & Sorcery spells

about page for Thulsa, the creator of The World of Xoth website

Map of the World of Xoth

Thomas Weigel's a Wretched Catalogue of Gear

Western USR 1.00 rule book found at RPGNow

Western USR Character Sheet

Fear & Loathing USR 1.00 foud at RPGNow

Fear & Loathing USR Character Sheet

USR Space Opera Character Sheet for rules set yet to be written

USR Character Sheet by Charlie Warren of The Semi-Retired Gamer

USR NPC Landscape Character sheet

Pulsar Games Blood of Heroes Landscape Referee Screen

Creative Commons Link

Dancey Saves D&D a letter written by WOC VP

Paul LaFarge article which got me back into gaming.