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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Cut through the Crack House Supers Tool

 Superheroes are going to end up in a crack house. They are just going to. For any number of reasons. The Superheroes in the current "house" game of the Vanishing Tower Press, Even Heroes Bleed, they eventually end up in a crack house. 

Question is, how not to make it boring? I am starting simple with a short list of denizens to be found in said crack house. I also map out a crack house, but you can procedurally generate your rooms as the session plays out. My list of important deniziens in the crack house looks like this;

OG,     Original Gangster, violence.

WH    Whore, helpful and smart.

A       Addict, random reaction.

S        Soldier, violence

M       Meat, the McGuffin.

Room descriptions are a must for a crack house, there are so many rich details accessible to everyone's imagination a GM who lays it on thick is going to start off the encounter as tense as you are going to get it. Here is the split-tabIe I put together; 

1. Wet Drywall        Only Support                       Wracking Cough

2. Urine                   Unstable stairs up/down    Creaking and snapping wood

3. Gasoline             Open Window                     Hysterical Laughter

4. Rotten Carpet     Stuck Door                           Low Whispering

5. Cat Litter             Table set with a meal          Cry for help

6. Burnt Electrical    Mean Dog                            A challenge  

Okay, I worked and expanded these lists a little bit and made your single result button to click below. Click on the link and get a quick description of squalor!


You Find in the Crack House