Sunday, August 12, 2012

Reason for The Vanishing Tower

The Vanishing Tower is a mad attempt to enjoy face to face RPG's in the rural west far from any concentration of mature gamers.

There is an obvious proliferation of old gamers reminiscing, playing, and exploring the path this great interactive hobby has taken. A reflection on what joy was found burning so many hours  around a table with creative friends.

And the obvious challenge of continuing the narrative art with the real world demands, and the disapproving attitudes civilians direct toward this geek activity.

Those who find themselves in a more urban environment have tremendous opportunity to locate and create numerous gaming opportunities. Those who do not have a steep hill to climb when it comes to creating a fun gaming group. Level of interest, number of available players, and distance all conspire to thwart the success of anyone looking for Face to Face gaming.

My hope is to blog about a creation of such group here in the high Rockies and the adventures it will share.