Sunday, September 16, 2012

Art as Substitute

Abstract art and painting large abstract expressionist oils of my own have sustained me through long droughts of quality face to face role play. At essence, face to face role playing taps the same emotional need for creativity found in any performing art.

Not only can additional creative hobbies nurture your needs, they can also inform your rpg work with an enhanced artistic process. The fact that creative play, physical or otherwise, can make one aware of connections between forms of play... well, now you are getting closer to what it all is about!!!

Open ended dreamscapes, the land of Faerie, a flight to Neverland, any oral descriptive endeavor will constantly need evocative prose. It can be an insatiable beast storytelling, and one must be open for inspiration from numerous sources (music is a big one too) if one is to become a master of the craft beyond mere technical proficiency.