Sunday, July 13, 2014

Gaming after Hiatus

Is it legal, is it fair? I started a Sword and Sorcery game in December when I busted up skiing. With two months on the couch I discovered there was an online game community and plunged right in.

Then I got better, went to work, and found gaming in the afternoon, evening, weekends, etc. was a bit problematic when my time became more, hmmm, required.

While I can fully appreciate getting in touch with adolescent indolence, navel gazing and masturbation, I did decide RPG's was as worth artistic effort as anything Rothko produced.

So I'm going to fight the trade winds, give up on natural sleep and give those who enjoyed gathering around my virtual table another stab at an ongoing campaign in my sword and sorcery campaign I've cobbled from online bits.

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