Saturday, July 11, 2015

BRP Low Fantasy Campaign Idea cont.

Continuing the class descriptions from last post; Gladiator; you have lived your life in a cage only to be released so as wagers can be placed on whether you will live or die in a blood soaked arena.
Common Skill Bonuses: Perform +25%
Advanced Skill Bonuses: Melee Combat +25% Merchant; dangerous is the Bolfian Silk Road, but the riches to be had make dealing with the mysterious desert peoples draws the determined and the foolish to attempt it.
Common Skill Bonuses: Bargain +25%
Advanced Skill Bonuses: Choose either Navigate, Appraise, or Technical Skill(various) at a +25% Thug; a hired hand, the muscle to protect life and property. Or steal it.
Common Skills: Hide +25%
Advanced Skills: Climb +25% Ranger; a poor, mud pounding bastard who has to sleep outside.
Common Skills: Sense +25%
Advanced Skills: Track +25%

1.5 Skills

1.5.1 Choosing Skills You are allowed to chose three additional skills at the base rating. You may now spend skill points to increase any of the character's starting skills in the following manner; one skill receives a +75% bonus, one skill receives a +50% bonus, and one skill receives a +25% bonus.

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