Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sailor Hiring Table for Taikang City in the World of Xoth

When PC's need to hire additional crew members amongst the tea shops and lotus dens crowding the busy wharfs of Taikang City, roll on the following table to see who responds to their job opportunity. 

Don't forget to consider how the PC's go about their hiring campaign. While Taikang City is busy harbor town, foreigners can misstep and cause difficulties within the teeming streets. 

Whether running afoul of the inscrutable bureaucrats which hold power, alchemical assassin guilds, or lotus drenched sorcerers, pulling off a successful recruiting drive can be an adventure in itself.

Taikang City Sailor Table; roll 1d12+4 for number of applicants. For each applicant roll 1d12 to determine who he is.

1. Fleeing acrobat.
2. Disturbed psychotic.
3. Visionary beggar.
4-12. A seasoned clam harvester who is good with a net and knows how to trim a sail. 

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