Saturday, February 17, 2018

$200 Adventure Writing Contest!

I am offering a $200.00 prize for a 1,000 word adventure which will be included in Deluxe USR Sword & Sorcery.

Here is the pitch; Race of Sorrows, a "Faction Kit" adventure culminating in a championship horse race. The text should focus on the various NPC's scheming to win. The "best" rider is a poor peasant underdog now kidnapped by an alchemist. The alchemist has a process to steal the rider's skill and transfer their abilities into the alchemist's own jockey.

The adventure should facilitate the Crypt Keeper in allowing the PC's to involve themselves in the adventure in any way they see fit. I'm looking at +Zzarchov Kowolski 's Scenic Dunnsmouth as an example of what I have in mind. This would allow the PC's to champion the underdog, scheme with any of the cheating factions or just straight up try to uncover who the fix is on and bet accordingly. 

There is one site location which needs to be considered; the alchemist's abode, but how this is presented is up to your interpretation. 

Don't worry about game stats or anything about pari-mutuel wagering. I've spent way too much time at the track so I have payout resolution covered. 

The race should be a procedural "saving throw" to achieve a winner.

Submission deadline is March 16, 2018 so four weeks. Winning criteria is completely subjective; it will be what I like best. At a thousand words this works out to twenty cents a word. Going over the word count is okay, but does not increase my stake. But a thousand is minimum for consideration. Unless you are absolutely genius and your submission stands head and shoulders above the rest!

Who wants the bloody crown of victory and skin me out of my jaw teeth!

Submissions can be sent to me here on G+ or

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