Saturday, March 24, 2018

Classic Traveller Session Report #2

The PC's secured the facility with no loss of life, to themselves. The combat procedure was followed a bit more accurately this session and the trained PC's laid down whole sale slaughter on the opposition. Seven unidentified attackers were slain and one was captured. Carbines are not nearly as effective as Rifles and Shotguns in Medium Range combat. It also was apparent a knife in a gunfight does bear out the old adage.

Unfortunately three other unidentified attackers escaped on a boat out of the lower level with a package believed to be the body of a scout. This deceased scout was from the bizarre “pick-up” mission on Xxcarvis. The first ever adventure arc of Traveller I ever ran. These unknown attackers appeared to have passed unmolested into the facility, apparently by this same boat. Once in the lower dock area killed the two security guards on hand and collected the research staff at gun point. Once the research staff was locked into the live specimen holding cells the staff members were gassed to death with some fast acting nerve toxin. Also located on site was a high-tech device capable of shutting down power and communication within the facility. This device was the cause of the communications black out and power loss to the colonists water supply.

The PC's were able to get the water systems up and pumping again so the VCL owes them a solid. After reporting back in to their Chief in Vanders Omni security forces from Kazawan City were sent on site. The PC's were relieved and allowed to return to Vanders.

Lingering questions remain; who were these guys, why did they steal the body of a dead scout, and do the PC's even care?

Playing Classic Traveller delivers much what I would expect in an old-school rpg. Don't look to the rules to run your game. The mechanics are there to support interesting play. Not make it for you. The referee better come up with interesting stuff to do and your players better be up for a challenge and willing to find their own motivations. As a table top rpg should. I think we have suitable mysteries on hand to pique the player's interest and I will lean on the random generation procedures hard coded into the system to keep things moving, but if you want your game to be interesting you need to be interesting. Or be real good at finding interesting sci-fi stuff to rip off and run with.

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