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FGU Space Opera

Space Opera Character Sheet (by others)

Space Opera Character Step by Step Guide

Space Opera Resolution Charts

Space Opera Ground Combat Charts

Ye Olde English Female Random Name Generator

Renaissance by Cakebread & Walton Combat Tracker

USR 2.0 by Scott Malthouse

USR Sword & Sorcery Rules 3.01 found at DriveThru RPG

USR Sword & Sorcery Random Background Generator

d30 Carousing Results Table

Hereticwerks Space Age Sorcery PDF makes an excellent reference for creating your degenerate Sword & Sorcery spells

about page for Thulsa, the creator of The World of Xoth website

Map of the World of Xoth

Thomas Weigel's a Wretched Catalogue of Gear

Western USR 1.00 rule book found at RPGNow

Western USR Character Sheet

Fear & Loathing USR 1.00 foud at RPGNow

Fear & Loathing USR Character Sheet

USR Space Opera Character Sheet for rules set yet to be written

USR Character Sheet by Charlie Warren of The Semi-Retired Gamer

USR NPC Landscape Character sheet

Pulsar Games Blood of Heroes Landscape Referee Screen

Creative Commons Link

Dancey Saves D&D a letter written by WOC VP

Paul LaFarge article which got me back into gaming.

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