Friday, September 14, 2012

OpenQuest Fantasy Adventure #1

This initial fantasy adventure will be in tone suitable for young teens. Goblins, trolls, dragons, and magic will all be present. Blades will be drawn, and PC’s can deal and receive mortal wounds, though good and evil will be clearly defined.

The starting PC’s are encouraged to choose from the characters provided by the Quest Master. These characters have been designed with abilities which work well as a team. Successfully discovering ways in which the party can cooperate to increase their overall chances of victory should be half the fun of the adventure! 

The initial character choices are;

If there happens to be one or two more players anxious to join in there is Leuna the forest sprite, and Drango the satyr. These characters should only be added after the initial three character roles have been filled. 

Chapter 1 The Gnome’s Workshop
Jongo the thieving gnome has called on his cousin Kvorgast to help with an intriguing find. It appears to be a large clock with missing hands. The mechanisms inside the brass body of the circular artifact appear simple enough but seem to require a central pin in which to wind the machine proper. Presumably this central shaft is to be found with the missing hands as well.
The inscriptions, the numbers on the face of the clock are foreign to the clever gnome as well. Whether they are a numbering system or something else entirely has so far escaped Jongo’s understanding. Jongo is not even sure who or what race was responsible for its manufacture. His cousin dwarf, the mighty Kvorgast, possesses great powers of perception and may be able to unlock the forgotten time piece’s secrets!

Kvorgast will be able to tell the story of the lost hands of time and propose they go and find the remains of this ancient relic. 

Some love crazed human made a Faustian bargain with some black demon to save the soul of the desired lover. As usual, things did not work out as the couple wanted and destroyed the talisman in an attempt to undo the powers unleashed. This particular item is known as the Brazed Face of Plotush. Said to give the user the ability to manipulate time. To travel forward and back through time in which events can be changed for ones advantage. It was lasted used by the human girl called the Silver Princess. Her palace has past from memory and only ruins remain in the Loorlock Mts. It is but a week’s journey from here.

The clock parts will be found under the ruins of an old palace. A palace now occupied by loathsome beasts of terror who worship the death bat of Cazalot! They look to call her forth and give rise to the age of monsters once again.

To get to the ruins will take many days of travel through the forest, across the empty marsh, and then into the Loorlock Mountains. Along the way the two adventuring heroes will encounter Puck the woodland elf, and Jack the barbarian boy. These two characters will add the combat strength the party will need to overcome certain dangers ahead.

The first deadly encounter will be with the bog witch. A hideous creature with long claws, it desires the fresh meat of young human babes best. Fixating on Jack, the PC’s will have to use their abilities to take down this wild swamp fury!

Once into the mountains the PC’s will encounter worshipers of Cazalot and the pitfalls of the ruins. I will need to find a suitable dungeon for the crawl.