Saturday, September 14, 2013

Google Hangout

Played my first game utilizing Google Hangout, and I must say I am impressed with how well a live gaming session can be done.

The group total was nine, eight PC's and the DM. I have not used my video cam in forever, but all it took to join the game was just one click. Bam, game on! The interface has many features in which to modify the visual, and audio presentation. I particularly liked being able to post your name/character name/any text really on screen. Makes it easy to call each other by your character name when you don't have to ask for it first. There are probably a host of other features I am not aware of, but most importantly you are able to look and talk with everyone around the virtual table with ease. Especially fun is trying to see what everyone has on their bookshelf behind them. Games mostly!

Here is what I most like about this mode of play; not having to leave home. No drive time. Most likely there are endless opportunities through the hangouts to play games. Probably any game you want to play there are most likely a group getting it going. Completely disposable. Don't like the game or group just drop out and try another. Is it as good as sitting around a table live? Real close. Especially if you are like me and don't have many other options for gaming.

The Vanishing Tower recommends you give it a try. Great opportunity to meet and play with fellow gamers you would never be able to otherwise.