Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Lotus Politics in the World of Xoth

The PC's have come across several types of Lotus during their adventures in the World of Xoth, and I thought I would jot down this quick reference to these dangerous plants as is so far known in the campaign;

Yellow Lotus is most common and like most of the different lotus plants, must be turned into a powder before it can be used effectively. It is grown in Khazabad, Amanti, as well as some of the far western nomad nations. Favored by thieves and cultists, Yellow Lotus is highly addicative, can cause incredible hallucinations, and makes one susceptible to suggestion.

Red Lotus; a highly addictive powder which when smoked gives one increased physical and sexual attributes beyond normal ken. This lotus is also found throughout Khazabad and the other decadent western nations. The Red Lotus is favored by gladiators, and pleasure slaves for "seeing red" is one of the only ways to blot out the pain of their fates.

Silver Lotus; can only be found on the Silver Lotus Isles. Reported to give the user enhanced powers of the mind. This is all considered nonsense as none of this miraculeous powder has ever been seen in the markets of Xoth

Purple Lotus; the mysterious lotus of the far east. Known to deliver exquisite ecstacy beyond the comprehension of mortals, and produce the most powerful and subtle poisons in the hands of master poisoners. This powerful narcotic is grown only amongst the high peaks of the island kingdom of Taikang. Only the truly powerful have access to the hidden trade for the fruits of this elusive plant.

Black Lotus; the stuff of legend and mythology. It is believed that through alchemical formuli derived from the inscrutible texts of ancient gods the purple lotus can be transformed into black lotus, the essential ingredient of sorcery.

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