Sunday, February 24, 2013

First Gem from The Dragon Magazine archives

Scott Malthouse over at the Trollish Delver has provided a link to where you can find almost all of the old issues of Dragon Magazine at the Internet Archive website.

Here is a nice background table for Boot Hill, or any other western themed game you may want to play, from issue 46;

How to ease the Boot Hill™ identity crisis
by Paul Montgomery Crabaugh
Everyone seems to have a place in Boot Hill except the player-characters, who have to be content with a place on Boot Hill. They wander in out of nowhere, invariably causing much havoc and then moving on. Mind you, it doesn’t have to be that way. A player can simply define his character as being the local deputy, or whatever; however, it seems that most players are reluctant to do that. Nor is this attitude necessarily born of timidity. The Deputy, for example, would clearly have certain advantages over the other characters, and the players may be reluctant to claim a clear advantage for themselves. The impartial (and usual) way to determine matters such as this is to roll on a random background table:


01-06    Gunman
07-11    Gambler
12-16    Rancher
17-19    Bartender
20-23    Lawyer
24-27    Bounty Hunter
28-30    Deputy Marshal
31-33    Detective
34         Miner
35-38    Wells Fargo Agent
39-44    Cowboy
45-47    Stage Driver
48-49    Homesteader
50         Merchant
51-52    Gunsmith
53-54    Blacksmith
55-59    Drifter
60         Secret Service Agent
61         Clerk
62         Sheep Rancher
63-65    Foreigner
66-67    Teacher
68-69    Preacher
70         Scout
71-74    Cavalryman
75-77    Cavalry Officer
78         Banker
79-80    Craftsman
81-83    Doctor
84-85    Dentist
86         Photographer
87         Author
88         Artist
89-91    Deputy Sheriff
92-95    Reporter
96-00    Indian


01-05    Gambler
06-08    Rancher
09-13    Bartender
14         Lawyer
15-16    Detective
17         Secret Service Agent
18-23    Clerk
24-30    Foreigner
31-38    Teacher
39-43    Doctor
44-47    Dentist
48-52    Photographer
53-58    Artist
59-62    Author
63-64    Reporter
65-72    Secretary
73-81    Saloon Girl
82-88    Indian
89-90    Nun
91-00    Widow