Friday, January 26, 2018

How To Create a Gangbusters Gathox Character

Starting work on my Gathox Vertical Slum campaign world with Gangbusters rules for a hope to be face to face game. Here are my initial character creation rules outlined for use at the first session. 

Players create their PC's by rolling dice to find the characters' four starting ability scores. These are the standard attributes listed in the Gangbusters core rules; Muscle, Agility, Presence and Observation. Feel free to roll these scores in any order you wish. But unlike in the regular Gangbusters rules, do not automatically add the ABILITY MODIFIERS for each ability. Whether or not a particular ability receives the modifier is determined by choice of character class. A player may choose any one of the following classes for their new PC. Read the description for each character class from Gathox Vertical Slum. When you find one you like apply the ability modifiers listed below for that class to the single starting attribute named.

Street Tough - Presence
Soldier - Muscle
Martial Master - Agility
Spiritualist - Luck
Faith Healer - Presence
Cosmic Doctor - Observation

Hit Points and Punching Score are determined normally. Following are additional changes a particular Character Class will make to the regular Gangbusters character creation process.

Street Tough: While this militant receives an ability modifier only for Presence, their Punching Score is determined as if they had received an ability modifier to Muscle. For example; a Street Tough with a Muscle of 50 would have a Punching score of 4 instead of 3.

Soldier: Starts the game with the skill Public Speaking. Starting skill level is determined per standard Gangbusters rules. Public Speaking in Gangs of Gathox is referred to as Discipline and the skill's general use and effects are detailed in the Gathox Vertical Slum setting book.

Martial Master: Starts the game with the skill Martial Arts. Starting skill level is determined per standard Gangbusters rules. The effects of Martial Arts in combat are detailed in Part 11: Optional Expert Rules of the Gangbusters rules.

Spiritualist: Their roll for starting Luck attribute is done by applying an Ability Modifier to the percentile roll before the score is divided in half. Their power of Psychometry can be used as described.

Faith Healer: Their power of Lay on Hands can be used as described.

Cosmic Doctor: Their power of Echoes of the Future can be used as described.

The three Mentalists classes are still subject to random wild magic effects as described in the Gathox Vertical Slum setting book.

Mutants are created per normal Gangbusters rules. This means unlike the militants and mentalists listed above, mutants do receive Ability Modifiers. After attributes are figured then roll for their mutations per Gathox Vertical Slum setting book.

Write your character's name at the top of the page. This name should give yourself and others a flavor for the Player Character (PC) attitude and image in the world of Gathox.

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