Saturday, April 21, 2018

Classic Traveller Session Report #3 - Shady Deals Under the Dome

Read Session #2 and Session #1 if you would like. Jones, Hernandez and Pavlov head to Below Zero to collect their bounty from Barger Vas, the VCL boss. Vas asks the PC's to think of the widows and orphans fund he will have to dip into to make good on the bounty and would the PC's have a heart? Maybe let this one go for free. When the PC's don't seem inclined he gives over a credit cube with 3,500. This will get split three ways cause these were the only PC's who made the session. I wonder if the other three players attended how would the bounty have sat? Vas wanted to know what went down in OH-RiF (Omni-Horron Research Facility). The piece of tech which shut the plant down, he was very interested in that. He said if the PC's could get something like that he could pay very well. Matter of fact any advanced Omni or Horron tech the PC's could get a hold of would be of significant interested to the VCL. The colonists are the future of Skalvil Vas assures the players and they will want to be on the right side of history.

Chief Benzen contacts Jones on his com unit. He wants them back up in the VTOL and find the watercraft which fled the scene with the remaining terrorists on board. They take off once again from the security tower rooftop hanger. After three hours combing the shores of the Skalvil Sea they locate the boat. It has been driven up on a rocky beach. Touching down the PC's give the boat a search where they find 5 bodies below decks. They all had their hands bound and were each shot in the back of the head. DNA scan reveals the victims to be citizens of Vanders, all have criminal records. Three have warrants for their arrest, but nothing that Omni Security-Vanders would spend any time or resources on. Pavlov recognizes their gang tattoos. They are Binary Dogs, a juiced combat gang operating out of Banter Concourse. Tracks from a six wheel ATV lead off into the defile. The frequent acid rain storms erase the tracks back into the stained Skalvil mud. Bring the bodies and the watercraft back says Chief Benzen. Omni Security wharf PS238. At the wharf the PC's get the boat identified as a cargo hauler belonging to Halo Shipping. One of many nondescript tugs used to move goods in and around the Skalvil Sea for outer dome colonists.

Chief thinks it's a good idea to pay the Binary Dogs a visit. Find out why five of their crew were found dead on a boat used by unknown terrorists. Club Synapse is where they can be found. A high end nightclub on the fifth floor of a seven story high rise. Under the violet red and neon blue of the Vanders various pedways the PC's arrive at the club. Unlike the Below Zero with union loyalists checking anyone coming in Club Synapse is a hopping, bustling scene of sweaty dancers and loud music. Pavlov spots some Binary Dogs at the bar. The PC's say they got ID's on five of their members recently deceased. They want to find out who did the deed. Maybe they should talk. The sophisticated, well dressed one tells them to wait. The other gang member in his chrome glasses and nylon track suit rattles his bling and sneers at the group. The flexing and cold staring continue between Jones and track suit until Mr. Sophisticated returns and tells the PC's to follow him. They leave the pulsing club floor and enter a flourescent white bathed hallway. After passing a couple of doors they enter an unused banquet hall. The only light is soft incandescent over a large black glossy table. Another well dressed man sits at the desk, his eyes giving off a green glow. Not just juiced, this gang banger is cyber enhanced. Three other track suit wearing Dogs stand off to the side in the gloom. Sophisticated goes around the table, whispers in his boss' ear and stands behind his chair. The PC's quickly pick up on the fact I start mentioning the thick concrete pillars interspersed through the otherwise empty, darkened room. When the referee starts detailing types of cover which may be available it is kind of an obvious tell trouble is just around the corner.

The PC's start in with their pitch. They know some of their boys have been whacked and they want to know who was behind it. Surely they could share some information and get to the bottom of it. Shiny Eyes gets pretty hot about Omni cops come asking questions. He pays good money to stay out of trouble with Omni Security. He's feeling he's got a laundry list of troubles he now needs to get sorted and he is going to get started with the PC's. The juiced Binary thugs make their move against the PC's. Fortunately for the PC's the gang members are all armed with melee weapons. Boosted as they are the Binary Dogs have a hard time absorbing auto pistol fire. Pavlov takes serious damage from throwing blades hurled from Shiny Eyes even after he lights him up with his pistol. As he and his lieutenant Sophisticated make a run for it steely-eyed Hernandez manages to take Shiny Eyes down. As Pavlov slumps over the table bleeding from the neck and chest Jones shoots down two of the gang bangers before they can close on him with electro-chucks and mono-filament whips. Hernandez isn't so lucky and takes some rapid slice and dice from a Binary Dog howling in a drug drenched freny. Jones puts him down with a few more shots while another gang member uses the pillars for cover scrambling into the dark. Jones and Hernandez make sure the wounded Binary Dogs never see the light of day with some additional shots. They scoop up Pavlov and a plastic bag on the table and stumble around for the nearest exit. Quickly finding a stairwell they make it outside and down to street level.

Chief contacts them asking what's going on. Wants to know if they got any answers or was their a dust up. He lets slip some details about Shiny Eyes. How does he know Shiny Eyes has a thick accent? Why is he so concerned whether he is dead or not? Chief tells them they better come in quick. He seems unconcerned that Pavlov and Hernandez are wounded. Instead of sending them straight to Medical he wants to see them in debriefing. Gives the key codes for a debriefing room on the fourth floor of the Omni security tower. The PC's have played way to many role playing games to know some shady shit is going down and put some pieces together. The fact that the plastic bag contains a small box with the Omni Sun logo just fuels their paranoia. The box contains seeds like the type supposed to be produced out at OH-RiF. The PC's figure Chief Benzen is taking Binary Dog money and for whatever reason things went south out at OH-RiF. Who was supposed to get rid of who maybe not so clear but the PC's have no plans currently to return to the Omni security tower. Instead they opt for a seedy hotel cube, The Flesh, and take a room on the second floor. With street access they feel a bit secure being able to watch their exits while they figure what to do next.

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